As someone often identified to the right of Rav Kahane and certainly no leftist, I can safely argue in favor of the Palestinians.

They do not support Hamas. In a political vacuum, campaigning against an Israeli puppet or at least collaborator, Hamas got only 44%. That might seem like a lot to citizens of democracies but is very modest in the Middle East where 90% votes and above are common. Some Palestinians bought Hamas’ hints at moderation; some saw no alternative; some went along. Given the extraordinary circumstances of no opposition, a 44% vote is consistent with Hamas’ historical 15-25% support. Also, Hamas gets more votes than the polls indicate because fewer women than men show up at the polls; women are presumably less radical.

The point is, we may dislike the Palestinians, expel them, even inflict retaliatory and collateral damage on them, but do so decently, without silly lies.