Homosexuals are often praised as creative, but undisciplined custom-breaking artists, many of whom are homosexuals, don’t create much. They cannot compete with orderly minds like those of Michelangelo or Da Vinci.
Only a tiny fraction of homosexuals are biological deviants. For most, homosexuality is a lifestyle issue. Or should we imagine that pop culture and media are stuffed with biological deviants?
Homosexuality is not the only biological deviation. There are various mental diseases—kleptomania, for example. But people with these diseases don’t promote their lifestyle in schools. We don’t proclaim stealing an innocent behavior because a number of people cannot abstain from stealing. Societies suppress harmful behaviors, whether lifestyle choices or inborn traits.
Homosexuality is often a conspicuous sign of moral degradation. Homosexuality is widespread among self-hating Jews, cosmopolite pop idols, and the ultra-left.

It must be for a reason that every major religion condemns homosexuality. Homosexuality, in statistical terms, is a deviation without any signs of being a beneficial trait. And people naturally detest deviations because they threaten social stability. Most homosexuals are either brutes (Roman legionnaires, Bedouin, exaggeratedly masculine Western gays, prisoners) or experimenting “artistic” types (leftist academics and media idols). Neither type is desirable in decent societies. Homosexuality is a marked step toward social experimentation. Conservative societies endure long, but social experimenters, whether they seek pleasure or distant ideals, invariably deform their societies and fail.

Conservative Greek regions such as Ionia banned homosexuality, while it thrived in advanced Athens and Thebes. Greeks and Romans had homosexual relations often but not exclusively, as the modern “biological” gays do. Few characters of ancient history are known to have engaged in homosexual relations only. The concept of biological homosexuality is a modern invention. And should we take the Greek examples for granted? They routinely had gay sex with minors, among other vices. An important reason for homosexuality was that adults could have undetectable sex with young boys but not girls. Greco-Roman homosexuality was often pederasty—a major crime in modern societies. Greeks, moreover, detested the passive role in homosexual relations, which was reserved for slaves and minors. Even so, the “noble” homosexual relations were intercrural. Ancient Greeks, a model for modern homosexuals, would have found their sexual habits abominable. Decent Greeks did not engage in the promiscuity typical of modern homosexuals.
Early Roman society was widely contemptuous of homosexuality, and the developed Empire held similar views. The passive role was reserved for slaves, and was strongly detested.
Pauline Christianity in all other respects bent over backward to accomodate pagan tastes. The fact that Paul lashed out against homosexuality suggests that a lot of people shared his view.

Homosexuality as a persistent lifestyle was never common. In the famed Dutch persecution of homosexuals of the 1730s, only about a hundred people were executed. The current wave of homosexuality is not unique. Several times throughout history homosexuality has become widespread, usually on the background of social turmoil, such as in the period from the seventh to the eleventh centuries, and then reduced back to insignificance as societies accepted the moral yoke.

Prohibition of homosexuality is not central to the Torah. The ban on homosexuality merely interprets the Ten Commandments’ prohibition of adultery. The Torah contains several lists of sexual taboos, and only one such list includes homosexuality. Still, the prohibition is there.
A ban on homosexuality is not tremendously important per se, but it underscores the gap between the Torah’s moral purity and the impurity of political correctness. Expunging homosexuals from the Land of Israel would be a declaration of abandonment of leftism in favor of Jewish values. A society which proscribed homosexuals would smoothly continue to proscribing Arabs and members of subversive groups like Peace Now.
The Torah condemns the violation of Shabbat more strongly than it condemns homosexuality. Can we realistically banish all the atheist Shabbat-transgressing Jews? Transgressors of Shabbat do so in honest ignorance: they were taught atheism and never met a decent rabbi who could convince them otherwise. Homosexuals, however, have the right example everywhere in front of them. Transgressors of Shabbat don’t have their parades in Jerusalem, and many atheist Jews refrain from exhausting work on Sabbath, thus complying with the Torah if not with rabbinical law. Most Jews who don’t observe Sabbath respect those who do. Sabbath transgressors don’t adopt orphans from religious families to teach them to ignore the Sabbath as the homosexuals do with children of heterosexual parents. Even when transgressing publicly, the Sabbath transgressors don’t attempt to impose their attitudes on others. Silent homosexuals are equally harmless. The Torah prescribes punishing only homosexuality demonstrated before witnesses. But homosexual parades—especially in Jerusalem—the propaganda of homosexuality in schools, the flood of homosexuality on TV, homosexual marriage, and adoption of children by homosexuals—those are unacceptable. Homosexuals, as any deviants, must keep a low profile.