Jews with ingrained fear are easy for the Israeli government to subdue. Israeli-born Jews are more normal, but the government brainwashed them into compliance, respect to superficial legality, and resentment to religion. Israeli nationalism was emasculated into support of government deviations. The Jews must be made to think. Patriots must present the mainstream with obvious proof that the government lies. Escalating protests and violence discredit the government and eliminate its monopoly on truth and representation of the Jewish people.

Jews are traditionally afraid of unregulated force. The media, accordingly, paints conservative protesters as violent crowd. Instead of disproving that stereotype and falling into the mould of weak, useless, hysterical religious protesters, the mask of violence could be accepted and exploited. Germans detested unregulated violence of pogroms but welcomed the organized Nazi violence. Structured violence appeals to endangered mainstream population in time of crises. The conservatives should use the free advertising from government-controlled media. Yes, we are strong, violent, and dangerous – and proudly so. But we’re dangerous not to mainstream Israeli, but to corrupt politicians and hostile Arabs. It is of paramount importance to show the regulated violence of the marching commandos’ type. Residents must be assured that the protesters bring them safety rather than threat.