European politicians support the Arabs against Israel for pragmatic reasons: the Arabs supply oil, they buy European goods, and they provide investment opportunities. European anti-Semites naturally side with the Arabs against the Jews. But there is also a large class of pro-Arab liberals – not only professional leftists, but simply compassionate well-wishers. That group invested much less efforts in helping the Jews escape the Nazis or Soviets. These liberals defend not just anyone, but exotic people. The liberals in Russia and France defended the Jews against anti-Semites until the 1930s, and defended the Vietnamese from the Americans with no less zeal than Palestinian Arabs from Jews. They condemned Britain for oppressing the Indians and France over Algiers although the decidedly rational Britain and France provided fewer opportunities for criticism than Israel or the US, who veil wars in high-flown moralizing.

Liberals demanded Western intervention in Somalia and Rwanda, but opposed it in Iraq. Leftists criticize any government policy regardless of its merits. Iraqi Kurds, though exotic, are reportedly strong, not victims who need leftists to defend them. Iraq was ruled by a dictator. Leftists seek to impose their ivory tower designs by force, and love dictators. No dictator is too bloody for them: they cheered Stalin, Mao, and Saddam.

Why exotic people? Because they are like pets: cute, curious, and unthreatening, thus they arouse compassion. Exotic people don’t challenge the liberal leadership or their theories and are grateful for the help. Liberals need glory and don’t concern themselves with inconspicuous oppression: few demonstrated regarding Rwanda or Darfur, and then only to push Western governments for charity or intervention. Leftists love to defend exotic people against liberal Western governments. The moral ground is high, governments’ false pretenses are easily expounded, and the struggle against the perceived evil is well publicized and not dangerous. The Israeli-Arab conflict falls perfectly into that trap.