The international law on tendering to the needs of occupied populations is questionable. Even in recent history, the Allies didn’t supply water in the occupied German territories, but let Germans do the job. In the moral theory of war, an occupying power should not repress or murder civilians, but otherwise is not obligated to assist them. Indeed, such assistance would have been an unrealistically high burden during wartime. The benevolent treatment of the surrendered population is very different from actually providing for it. An obligation to provide for only applies to interned populations and POWs, and even then is scarcely adhered to. The population in general is free to go on with its normal life after surrender.

In the case of Gaza, there is no surrender. The official, duly elected ruling party of Gaza—Hamas—rejects ceasefire, and the level of hostilities launched from Gaza clearly defies the notion of surrender. Indeed, Hamas routinely proclaims its hostility toward Israel.

Egypt doesn’t provide water or the necessary amount of electricity for Gaza, even though a brotherly Arab population resides there.

Gaza can do without Israel’s water, which is an exceedingly scarce resource, so scarce that Israel routinely resorts to water rationing and stops irrigation of public parks and even prohibits new trees on Jewish farms. True, restricting unlimited water supplies to kibbutzim, the leftist darlings, would go a long way toward solving the water problem, but cutting supplies to bad Jews should be the next step after refusing supplies to our professed enemies among the Arabs. Let them build desalination plants, as Israel does, and use expensive desalinated water, as Jews do.

There is no moral or legal reason for Israel to supply Gaza with water and electricity.

Israel must stop water supply to Gaza