Immigration policy is the greatest danger to Israel’s Jewishness. The aliyah of real Jews ended in the early 1990s. Since then, only a trickle of Jews has entered Israel , alongside swarms of fakes with purported Jewish grandfathers.

The government closes its eyes to the invasion by refusing to mention nationality in ID papers. Rabbinical courts try haphazardly to establish the Jewishness of marriage applicants, but their efforts are inadequate. We welcome foreigners to assimilate into the Jewish nation, but today the influx is beyond our ability to assimilate them; instead, they destroy the nation from inside.

Under pressure from human rights organizations, the Internal Ministry won’t be able to hold out long against the demands for Arab and Slav family reunions in Israel. A cynical and commonsensical policy would be to offer them reunions in the applicant’s country, but the Jewish government is too polite for that.

At least, Israeli Arabs live here in nuclear families and have a limited number of first-degree relatives outside the country. Not so with migrant workers, who are usually single and have their entire family outside the country. A worker naturalized through marriage or an anchor baby can bring dozens of relatives eventually. This is how the Chinese have swarmed Europe. To be sure, I’m perfectly fine with Chinese or Indians abroad—but three billion of them would destroy my small country’s Jewishness if we allowed even the slightest hole for their immigration. There are very few Chinese workers in Israel today, perhaps 20-30 thousand only, but looking at European and American trends, we can expect that number to increase by an order of magnitude within two decades.

If you thought the matter cannot become worse than it is with the Chinese, there are Africans. Being outright illegals without passports, they are harder to expel than the Chinese, who came on work visas. Witness the absurdity. The biggest problem with Africans is the absence of records. An African who is allowed residence in Israel can name any number of people as his close relatives; some village chief in Kenya or Eritrea will even certify the relationship. Once legalized, the African population in Israel will explode through family reunion schemes.

The solution is that practiced in Ancient Athens or modern Japan: only the core group’s descendants are entitled to citizenship. It is no big deal to rescind the citizenship of Israeli Palestinians: Jordan annulled the passports of its Palestinians to no international outcry. Even if Jews accept the Arabs as Israeli citizens, everyone else must be allowed temporary visas only; no other visa category should even exist.