Whatever the inspired talk, there are realities. Jews profess peaceful coexistence and Arabs – jihad. The West, liberals, democrats, leftists have their own prerecorded sets of declarations. Politicians rend the air with policy proposals. That’s all unimportant. The fact is, the Jews want a culturally alien state in the land 1.5 billion Muslims consider theirs. There will be no peace, goodwill, or tolerance.

Civilized Europe fought over minuscule religious differences and absurd ideologies. Christians engaged in Reconquista; the Muslims would, too. Justice or merits are irrelevant: Americans weren’t concerned with justice when sponsoring mujahedeen for killing of over a million Afghanis, Jews refused the justice to the 1948′ Arab refugees who wished to return home, and Arabs do not care about the Jewish historical claims to the land.

Liberals proclaim ethnic-blind democracy. Secular Jews unwittingly subscribe to Springer’s theory of individual self-determination where each person consciously attaches himself to a nation he prefers. In the real life, people differentiate between kin and aliens, nations are substantially fixed, and people of similar cultural background prefer to live together without aliens and deviants.

No countries, no peoples ever coexisted in good faith, but only through indifference to each other or credible mutual threat. The US annexed a third of Mexico because taking all of it would have meant dealing with continuous insurrection. Germany was indifferent to Belgium until one day overran it. Arabs tolerate a Jewish state only after they failed to extinguish it in several wars, and would continue to tolerate insofar as they stand to lose new wars.

There is no fair settlement, but every nation encroaches as much as it feasibly could. While the Jews were talking of reasonableness and Arab national aspirations, Britain carved two-thirds of the territory promised to Israel for Transjordan, a “country” of 250,000 Bedouins at the time.

Reciprocity is too much to ask for: liberal America and communist Vietnam each invaded Laos, the most pacifist country on earth. Arabs don’t care that the Jews need a country to live in – why should the Jews care of the Palestinian national needs? Hungry people sack food storages to no condemnation; landless Jewish Semites could push the Arab Semites from a fraction of one percent of their territory.

Colonization, land grab, and dispersion of the natives might be immoral, but the only way the states are created. Palestinians will hate the Jews who uprooted them from sea cost into the infertile West Bank. Palestinians would hate us no more for driving them into Jordan. Jews imagine the Arabs would be a consensual minority in Israel; besides the Arabs being certain to become majority, recall that Jewish immigrants refused similar status in Arab Palestine. We stubbornly worked to become majority and fought to form a state. People resent living under the foreign rule, especially of an invading nation in their home country. Throughout the history, dispersing or annihilating indigenous population was the only way to counter its resentful insurrection.

There is no absolute democracy. Greek city-states rejected cultural deviants and prohibited citizenship to newcomers. Allies suppressed democracy in Nazi Germany and forcibly changed the country’s values. Liberal America introduced the melting pot antidote to multiculturalism, all but banned the Communist party, and established regional (ethnic) immigration quotas. Democracy and liberalism do not extend to subverting a state or overpowering its core group.

Peace is great. We all long for it. But it doesn’t come through intense negotiations until the war wears out and the enemies get used to the idea that they have to coexist. Pushing for peace could bring a paper treaty, but not peace. It is disheartening to know that true peace with Arabs won’t come in our lifetime, but that’s the way it is. Deceiving ourselves with worthless treaties endangers our children who would be surprised by the reality.

Zhabotinsky describes London tailors in the Jewish Legion. They were un-Zionist and long refused to volunteer, but accepted the reality of war, joined the Legion, fought bravely, and lost contact with Palestine since after the WWI. Ideological zeal is murderous, suicidal, and short-lived. Common people’s quite submission to the natural way of things sustains nations, especially the Jews.

Talmud relates a story of four sages who entered Paradise. One of them died, another lost sanity, the third became heretic, but Rabbi Akiva entered in peace and left in peace. The Rebbe explained: Akiva knew that spiritual studies are mere curiosity and he would return to the real world. That understanding saved Rabbi Akiva. Would it save us?

The story of Gilad Shalit provides an example of counterproductive idealism. During the war, soldiers die; some are missed. Concentrate on the macro picture rather than individual faces. Israelis have to accept the costs of living in the hostile environment. Conditioning negotiations on the return of a corporal is unreasonable. Assuming that the negotiations make sense, delaying them leads to more loss of life. Extreme attention to statistically insignificant incident plays into the hands of his kidnappers and emboldens them to take other Jewish hostages. If we don’t negotiate the return of hostages, we cannot condition negotiations on their return.