People discount impossible propositions. Israeli voters want realistic policies. Most Israeli Jews, including the Left, prefer an Arab-free Jewish state. Leftists long convinced the voters that Israel could do nothing about the bourgeoning Arab population. Israeli society accepted the leftist dogma of an ethnic-blind society and feels helpless before the demographic Arab onslaught. Prostituted politicians turned their inability to confront evil into a virtue and praise the liberal coexistence of Jews and Arabs in Israel.

We must show that deportation is not unthinkable. Deportation must be drawn back into public discourse. How? Simple. Just start talking about Arabs.

Ask your grocer if he has products with the Avodah Ivrit (Made with Jewish labor) label. No? How about vegetables grown by Noar Gvaot? None? Uh, let me check in another shop.

You need not look an extremist to your local grocer. Ask in shops you don’t frequent, anyway.

Pass by a car dealer. “Do you guys have Arab employees here? Yes? Then I will go look for another dealership.” You didn’t want to buy a car in the first place.

Refusing the services of an Arab waiter is too impolite for polite Jews. No problem. Call a few restaurants in your area and ask if they have Jewish waiters so your family can come for dinner.

You are looking for an apartment and see one you don’t like. Instead of just refusing it, ask the contractor if his workers are all Jewish. Likely, they are not. Now tell him you don’t want the apartment.

Mention to your friends that you don’t patronize Arab shops and stalls. When someone tells you about a new restaurant, ask him if he saw Arabs working there.

That is not racism but rather normal consumer preference. People prefer one carmaker to another, organic produce to food grown with chemicals, good-looking to ugly stewardesses. Kosher food is the epitome of “racism”: its processing must be controlled by the Jews.

Stir public discussion.