Israel is not likely to end up destroyed in a nuclear mushroom. The Muslims don’t need to go to such trouble. Syria will employ Hezbollah’s tactics, shelling the Golan Heights from under the protection of Russian anti-aircraft and anti–tank missiles. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will take revenge on Israel by aiding Hamas. The Muslims tried to prevail over Israel militarily, failed, and pragmatically switched to wearing her down. They will force an arms race on Israel and bankrupt her by forcing her to maintain constant military preparedness; their own infantry is cheap. Saudi Arabia will keep buying real estate in Israel. Iran will set up charities in Israel, as it did in Gaza and Lebanon. Muslims will help their brethren in Israel to breed and expand territorially.

Popular resentment among Jews over the political fiasco of the Jewish state will prompt the left to cement their coalition with the Arabs. They will form a permanent Knesset majority. Twenty years from now, after the Muslims have breed to about a third of the Israeli population, they will dominate the Arab-leftist coalition and claim important ministerial portfolios. With no war in sight, Israelis will lack the resolve to oppose Muslim encroachment on all branches of power on security grounds. Brainwashed from kindergarten and up, many Israelis will accept the Arab dominance of ethnic-blind Israel as normal, or at least unavoidable.

Economically efficient Jews will emigrate, leaving Israel with oligarchs, paupers, and pensioners.

Once they are numerous enough, Israeli Arabs will riot and substantially end the Jewish presence in the Middle East.

soft defeat