Thousands of Jews sit in Israeli jails, some of them on false convictions, and the public does not care. The same public goes berserk when foreigners keep Jews prisoners; Shalit and Col. Klein are two examples.

Arabs have not the slightest problem with mass casualties in internecine conflicts. Egypt shelled Gaza in the 1950s, Syria murdered some 20,000 Muslim Brotherhood adherents in Hama, Iraq and Iran killed upward of a million Arabs in their war, and Syrians, Lebanese, and Jordanians continue to kill Palestinians. And yet they beat their collective chest over the ridiculously low death toll Israel inflicted on Gaza in the 2009 war.

This is not hypocrisy, but an evolutionarily justified attitude. When one’s own society prosecutes outcasts, it is about keeping oneself safe. When foreigners repress one’s brethren, it endangers his society: war might be the next step.

Many Arabs were drawn into the ranks of terrorists by unpleasant stories from Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and Bagram. Westerners may defend these prisons endlessly. True, the facilities are very decent by the occupied population’s standards. But don’t you torture my SOBs.

The American administration made the cowardly decision to deliver the terrorists to Pakistan to be tortured there. Sure, they had written assurances from Pakistan that the detainees wouldn’t be tortured. Right, and croissants for breakfast. Muslims have no problem with ISI torturing Taliban, but dislike ISI doing the dirty work for the CIA. The Taliban is not the issue: Westernized, superficial Muslims hate the Taliban in the same way liberals hate righteous fundamentalists; the Taliban is a constant reproach for less fervent Muslims. But even the Taliban is better than the CIA in their mentality.

Israel holds 11,000 Arab terrorists in her jails. They range from stone throwers (in and out in a few months) to terrorist leaders. They have long been a rallying point for anti-Israeli sentiment in Arab countries. In a sense, the Arabs are right: Israel unjustly humiliates the fighters by jailing them. Jails are normally reserved for one’s own criminals. Foreign fighters might be killed or interned, but not jailed. Think of the outrage in the Jewish community when the British occupiers flogged several resistance members—and how quickly the British were humbled by the reciprocal flogging of their policemen by Irgun. Scores of political dissidents around the world insist on being treated as a regime’s enemies rather than criminals. The Palestinians are not honest soldiers because they do not wear uniforms, hide behind their civilians, and misuse Israel’s reluctance to inflict collective punishment, as is customary in wartime. But they are not criminals, either. We have the right to kill them on sight or execute them later, but not to humiliate them by keeping them in jail.

Many stone-throwers are underage. If they are not responsible, then they are their parents’ instrument, and the adults must be jailed for their offenses. In that sense, a stone is no less a high-risk object than a car, and parents ought to be presumed guilty for allowing their children to use it.

When 0.5% of the West Bank’s Arab population is kept in Israeli jails at any given time and some 10% have passed through these jails, we’d better not believe we can normalize relations with the Palestinians or score high PR marks with other Arabs.