To speak of a Jewish state in Israel is racism, and calls for the deportation of Arabs amount to incitement. Israel criminalizes both. A Jewish state, however, cannot include an Arab majority, and the Arabs must be deported.

We are not afraid to break Israeli laws, but far better to circumvent them. So let us reason together, and come up with the best slogans for the deportation campaign. The point is, the slogans must remain within legal limits. Some suggestions are below, and feel free to post your slogans as comments.

Jewish Israel = Palestinian Jordan

Jewish State = State of the Jews

Keep Israel Jewish

The slogans may test the legal limits where the government would find it hard to oppose them:

No to Arabs in Israeli government.

The slogans may use qualifiers to bypass the legal charge of racism:

In the settlements: No Arabs, no terrorism.

The goal may be only implied:

Don’t buy, don’t hire, don’t buy from those who hire

Or sardonic:

Jewish state welcomes Arab majority