Leftists are naturally better organized than right-wingers: the left set rationalist goals and march to fulfill them, while the right doubt the power of human mind to straightforwardly alter societies, and hesitate to push others into the shiny future. The right’s values are subtle, while the left’s – bright and clear. Various right-wingers adhere to different shades of the values (think of the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox), while the leftists universally choose the most extreme goal (moral subjectivism, religious nihilism). The left call for destruction, while the right – for careful preservation of values; destruction is more attractive to masses. Right-wingers gather sufficient support only when they need to destroy – usually, destroy the left’s harm; thus, Mussolini.

Courts, both in America and Israel, lean to the left. In Israel, the political establishment zealously guards the court system to prevent the appointment of conservative judges. In America, leftist groups support ideologically amenable judges during elections; appointed judges in circuit and the Supreme courts are more conservative. There is also a fundamental reason for judicial leftism: subjectivism.

Liberal democracies proclaim division of power, but judicial branch dominates the two others. Neither parliament, nor the government can substantially limit the power of judges, while judges can overturn any legislative or executive decisions. Extensive, often conflicting legislation gives judges enormous latitude. They are entitled to decide on good and evil – and police enforce their decisions. “Nothing is good or evil until I proclaim it so” is a corruptive attitude which leads to moral subjectivism and arbitrary definition of values. Judges consult laws, not morals – yet decide on moral matters from thievery to war crimes. Similarly to the leftists, judges equate consciously formulated human laws with truth. Far from their commonsense predecessors, modern judges set laws – a procedure euphemistically called interpretation – and establish values, as in the gay marriage debacle. The political left, bureaucracy, and judicial branch each twists normal workings of societies in its area.

Jews created communism in Russia, and proceeded to built totalitarian socialism in Israel.