Israeli government’s attitude to Jewish sacred places is driven by clinical hatred toward religious and nationalist Jews. Olmert allowed construction of the fifth minaret on the Temple Mount. The place, Haram ash-Sharif, is unimportant in Islamic worldview. No considerable number of pilgrims visited the place while it was under the Turkish, British, or Jordanian rule. Muslims from Egypt, Jordan, or Western countries don’t flock to the Aqsa. Any Muslim interest in the place is purely political and, therefore, Israel concedes to the enemies, not to respectable Islamic religion.

Capitol Hill is not central to American national mentality, yet the Americans would accept no money or offer of friendship in exchange for that place. The Kremlin is a recent structure which wasn’t the government’s seat during the Russia’s two best centuries. Yet the Russians laid down untold numbers of soldiers to prevent Nazis from entering Moscow. Temple Mount was the central place in Jewish consciousness for two thousand years, the pinnacle of Jerusalem which we prayed to return to. Arabs prohibited us from praying at the Western Wall. Jewish soldiers who took the Temple Mount in 1967 wept with happiness. Only to have Moshe Dayan say that he doesn’t want another Vatican – and give the Temple Mount to Arabs.

Fearful, faithless Jews scream that we cannot destroy the Muslim shrines to clear the place for the Third Temple. We’re not barbarians, religious extremists, but ethnic-blind liberals. At least, they are rational. Wrong, but rational. The government’s actions are only rational if it aims at annihilating Judaism. Suppose, we don’t destroy Islamic artifacts which were specifically built over the remains of our Temple. Though every other nation would have cleansed its holy places of the enemy’s structures. But adding to those humiliating structures? Israeli government is not that ethnic-blind: a while ago, it refused a request to build synagogue in the same place. Israeli government is not ethnic-blind, but anti-Jewish.

Israeli Temple Mount policy is politically dangerous. Israeli government allowed Jordan virtual autonomy on the Temple Mount. The government ignored the fact that Jordan banned Jews from the Temple Mount before 1967. Oh, Israeli government also bans the Jews from the Temple site – now, after we have conquered and annexed the place. Hostile Israeli Arabs formally control the Temple Mount and collaborate with Israeli foreign enemies in various projects. Israel appointed Turkey as construction supervisor for the Temple Mount works. That didn’t placate the Arabs because they dislike Turks, but gave boost to Turkish Islamists. Olmert likewise sued for increased Russian influence in Jerusalem. The holy city of Judaism is earmarked to become a serpentarium of anti-Semitic powers.

Hate knows no borders. Israeli government policies which stem from hatred toward religious and nationalist Jews, ultimately weaken the state vis-à-vis its Arab enemies.