The embattled Jews tend to hysterically search for friends. More often than not, Israel ends up in the company of useless thugs. Olmert recently appealed for help in arranging peace with Palestinians to worthless Jordan, crumbling Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, and pro-Arab Russia, among other equally valuable venues. Now Olmert reaches for Turkey against Syria and Iran. Thanks to democracy, the Turkish military junta has come under the onslaught of Islamic sentiment. Just like China’s, Turkey’s primary concern in foreign policy is its own territorial integrity. Turkey is preoccupied with separatist threats, Islamism, and terrorism. The country is in no position to influence Syria’s policy on terrorism or Iran on nuclear weapons. It is absurd to imagine that Iran would yield to Turkey’s pressure after rebuffing the West.

Not Olmert, but any country’s leader with a bit of self-respect – or respect for the people he claims to represent – would have canceled his visit over the lecturing remarks such as those made by Turkey’s Erdogan, that Israel should respect Muslim holy places. The reference is to the recent archaeological dig near the Temple Mount. Regardless of the fact that the dig comes nowhere near any Islamic artifacts, the point is this: the Temple Mount is the Jewish holy place. Whatever we want to do there, we should do, without a bit of concern for Islamic shrines.

And for those who thought that Druzes are reliable friends: witness the massive demonstration in the Golan in which they demanded their return to Syria. Still think the Druze could be counted on in a war with Syria? Israel gave the Druze her valuable citizenship, welfare, and employment opportunities. Naturally, they side with Israel’s Arab enemies.