It is a truism that leaders shape history. It is also true that mood swings shape leaders.

Sharon was a perfect right-winger. He totally disregarded Arab human rights when he took Jordanian hostages to exchange them for Israeli POWs, as Unit 101’s commander, or as Gaza’s military governor. He accused Shamir, a former leader of Lehi, of an insufficiently tough stance against the terrorists. Sharon disregarded orders and crossed the Suez Canal in 1973, sealing the defeat of a millions-strong Egyptian army. He strongly supported the settlement policy right into 2005. But…

Sharon exhibited possibly unwarranted violence in places from Qibya to Mitla. In Qibya, he killed Arabs. Storming the Mitla pass, he exhibited little concern for Jewish soldiers. A violent nature is great for a soldier but dangerous for a politician. The untimely death of Sharon’s wife and later his son accentuated Sharon’s urge for violence. In Camp David, Carter and Sadat pushed Menachem Begin to destroy Jewish towns in Sinai. Begin asked Sharon, who agreed immediately. Meir Kahane had long warned the Jews that Sharon is the most dangerous kind of Israeli politician: one ruthless and bereft of Jewish values.

How could Sharon, who crushed the Arabs and urged the Jews to settle every hilltop in the West Bank, be possibly bereft of Jewish values? That’s very typical of leftists. Recall how Rabin had ordered the IDF to break the hands of Intifada participants. The leftists hate Arabs and – recall the communists – love violence. Sharon was a leftist until his 45th year, when he established Likud. An opportunist in politics, Sharon looked for opportunities for violence. Israelis who treated him as a messiah did not learn the lesson of Yamit, destroyed on Sharon’s order. For Sharon, Gaza was a large-scale Yamit. For Sharon, to refuse demolishing Gush Katif was to convict himself of the crime of demolishing Yamit.

Asked why he was betraying his electoral promises, Sharon replied that “what is seen from here [the prime minister’s office], is not seen from there [the street].” Upon settling in the PMO, Sharon recognized that he cannot exercise unrestrained violence against the Palestinians; the foreign leaders and media won’t like that. Sharon, accordingly, satisfied his longing for violence by expelling the Jews from Gaza.

Sharon was the leftists’ ideal: a right-winger who forcibly did the Left’s bidding. The Left’s blackmail, however, wasn’t decisive: Mazuz indicted Sharon’s son Omri just days after the last Jewish village in Gaza was demolished.

Israelis knew Sharon’s vile nature before they elected him. Every Israeli with even a rudimentary brain must have realized that withdrawal from Gaza will provoke the Arabs to more attacks. Yet Israelis supported Sharon’s Kadima.

Sharon died the death of Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin. Dayan suffered a heart stroke shortly after he started promulgating abandoning the Jewish lands of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza to Arabs in the unilateral disengagement. Rabin was executed for trying to give away Jewish lands. The withdrawal from Gaza sent Sharon into a coma. Hamas exists in order to fight Israel so that the Jews will re-occupy Gaza.

No one knows for sure whether Sharon intended the disengagement to further the creation of a Palestinian state or as a means to release the steam of international pressure on Israel and postpone the Palestinian state for years. At best, he miscalculated tremendously. History will remember him as a great statesman. An evil one, too.