The Joint Distribution Committee, a famous Jewish relief organization to which Jews donate unquestionably. Think again.

As of October 6, the front page of the JDC website features two major causes for Jewish donations: Indonesian earthquake relief and Sudan relief. To add insult to thievery, the Sudan spending is titled “Non-sectarian programs.” To the JDC, Judaism is sectarianism, and they are open-minded guys and gals who see no boundaries among people and gladly spend Jewish donations in the Sudan.

Any Jew can donate to any charity he wishes; some might choose to help the Sudanese or the Indonesians. But by far most Jews who donate to the JDC believe their money will be used for Jewish causes. The JDC programs in the Sudan and such places are a breach of trust.

Most Jews who donate to the JDC are not rich. They take money their families could use and give it to the JDC to help our brothers and sisters. Not hostile aliens!

Relief for Indonesia? Why? Indonesia is a virulently anti-semitic Muslim country. Its newspapers are full of anti-Israel pronouncements. Its UN voting record is anti-Israel. If the JDC bosses think they can buy Indonesian goodwill with donations, they are mentally ill and should be treated at public cost.

It is astonishing to see a major Jewish charitable organization describing Darfur as “the worst humanitarian crisis.” To Jews, the worst humanitarian crisis is that Jewish parents cannot pay the rising costs of educating their Jewish children and stop having babies. Be honest for a minute, and admit that you care more about paying for your children’s education than about some black people suffering somewhere in Africa in a conflict where the sides have slaughtered each other intermittently for centuries.

Who can locate the Sudan, let alone Darfur, on the map? Since when did a tribal conflict on the outskirts of civilization became “a crisis” to the West?

Diplomatic flexibility doesn’t equal hypocrisy. The JDC is disgustingly hypocritical and wrongly believes everyone else is stupid. The JDC raised less than half a million for Darfur, and the money went “to finance NGOs” working in the area. Anyone acquainted with how charities operate in the Third World would be surprised if that trumpeted aid bought even a sack of rice. The JDC’s half million could buy Sudanese blacks 2 million pounds of low-quality rice. The real number of people suffering from violence there is in the 500,000 range at most. Food for the affected population is very inexpensive; the problem is, it can’t get delivered. The JDC and other aid is a plain waste of money.

Useless activities involve tremendous administrative costs. In Argentina, the JDC helps solve the economic crisis by paying for one (sic) room in a local hospital. How many JDC officials get salaries and travel expenses to supervise that and similar “programs”? In typical bureaucratic ad hoc allocations, JDC dissipates its expenses among numerous unrelated causes but helps none materially. An insignificant sponsor, JDC gets no credit and wastes the PR effect it hopes for.

JDC aid reaches many odd destinations. Some ends up in Bosnia, a notoriously anti-semitic enclave where the locals cheerfully joined the Holocaust.

The JDC is a leftist, not a politically neutral, charity. After the Lebanese war, the JDC paid for the “revitalizing” of Acco, an Israeli town with 95% Arabs. Instead of helping the Arabs to move to Jordan, Jews are paying to rebuild Arab houses destroyed by Arab rockets aimed at Jews. The JDC website revels in the “camaraderie” between the JDC’s Jewish, Druze, and Bedouin personnel in the AMEN program. Even the name is distasteful, a parody on prayer. Imagine the camaraderie: the Jews talk about the Law of Return which applies only to Jews, the Druzes praise the bizarre and murderous caliph Hakim whom they worship, and the Bedouins tell family legends of raiding Jewish settlements. The website commits a Freudian slip of the pen, “helping fellow Israelis, Arab and Jewish, to revitalize.” The priorities are clear: Arabs first.

JDC people have little idea of Judaism: the same website calls cabbala “mystical numerology.” What spiritual poverty!

Some of the JDC’s responses verge on deviation. Gypsies in the Serbian town of Nis desecrated the old Jewish cemetery. They camped in the cemetery, used the tombstones to build houses, and dump sewage in Jewish graves. Did the JDC bribe the local police to clear the scum out? Did it pay transportation costs for Jewish self-defense groups to move in? No. The JDC paid to employ the Gypsies. The donations of working American Jewish families went to employ the scum that desecrated Jewish graves.

JDC reports do not show the volume of services rendered, only their cost. The cost of a box of matzoh delivered to Russian Jews is unknown. In all likelihood, the full cost—adjusted for administrative and other expenses—is tremendous. Nepotism, political appointments, and kickbacks in procurement abound in the JDC. Small charities serving specific causes are often more accountable and less wasteful. Talmudic sages said that a donor has the right to investigate the beneficiary. Donors should exercise due diligence when choosing a charity.

The JDC worked well when it devoted itself to alleviating Jewish poverty. The annihilation of most poor Jewish communities in the Holocaust left the JDC without an objective, and diversification made the JDC a wasteful bureaucratic behemoth. It doesn’t deserve Jewish donations.