Iranian nuclear explosion in New York would end some lives, but reestablish something more important: a sense of civil responsibility. A nation that votes for phonies deserves to be stricken back into the world of reality. Witness the new sanctions against Iran. The Security Council intends to ban the Iranian arms exports and freeze foreign assets of some key figures in the Iranian nuclear program. But Iran doesn’t export arms in any substantial quantity. Sanctions won’t stop illegal arms shipments to Hezbollah and the like outfits. Assets freeze is a similar sham: during more than a year of the deliberations, the accounts in question are long cleared by their owners. In the age of offshore corporations, illegal money transactions present no problem. The sanctions are no less silly than the European Trio’s offer of building a uranium enrichment facility in Iran on the condition of supervising its operation – until one day Iran kicks the observers out.

Bogged down in senseless nation-building campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US tries to share the responsibility for Iran with countries like France, Russia, and China – a Western supporter of Khomeini, a sliver of the communist empire which has Muslims as the only customers for arms and nuclear technologies, and the anti-Western cynical regime with no reason to fear the Iranian nukes. After the failure in Vietnam, engraved in the world memory, and the Iraqi fiasco, America could reestablish credibility of its power with a single act of nuking the Iranian nuclear facilities. For all its bragging, Iran has nothing to retaliate with. Russia would shut down and admire. Europe would scream bloody murder, as usual. The planet would be a bit safer. Still better, Israel could pull the operation herself, destroy the mobile forces of the Iranian army with preemptive strike, re-acquire a position of regional hegemon shattered in 1973 and subsequent inept negotiations, and obtain enough international respect to shelve the issue of Palestinian state.

If smart, Iran would nuke Brooklyn rather than Manhattan to prove the Americans that the problem is about the Jews. Combined with a threat of more nuclear strikes at the US mainland in case of retaliatory invasion, that tactics might not be suicidal for Iran but establish it as Muslim hegemon.

In the meanwhile, Russia supplies Iran with TOR-1M missiles to defend its nuclear facilities.