A frog dropped into cold water and boiled slowly doesn’t jump out; it gets used to the increase in temperature and sits complacently until it is too late to. Israeli vacillations, promises, and concessions made the Jews used to things they would have never accepted as a whole. An Arab majority in Israel; Palestine—a terrorist nest—nearby; gay parades, which started in Tel Aviv as fun and desecrated Jerusalem; socialism. Arabs are already 21 percent of the Israeli population, and will soon become the largest faction in the Knesset, and they will start voting the Jewish state out of existence. Jews will do nothing but fool themselves with the slogans of ethnic-blind democracy.

Jews rejected Palestinian Arabs until the 1960s as no-enemy and no-nation. Israel continued to reject the Palestinian state long after signing the Camp David accords. Oslo was promoted as a way to isolate the Palestinians like tarantulas in a can, where they would starve and eat each other. Then we gave the Arabs autonomy, Hebron, an offshore gas field, tax revenues, and finally weapons to kill us.
Something big must go wrong in Israel to break the Jewish lethargy. Even if Arab riots erupted, that might not be enough: many Jews would claim we provoked the poor beings. Israel needs a full-scale civil war, a healing bloodletting.

Oslo was supposed to bring a respite from violence, and promised the formation of a Palestinian state only in the future. The danger was not immediate. Gaza, after all, is a very small place, and not even central to the Jewish religious conscience. Fore posts in Judea and Samaria are illegal (Jewish houses on Jewish land!), and the government has an interest in tearing them down. Then will come the settlements, then Jerusalem, then Arabs as the largest faction in the Knesset. To die defending the fore posts now is far better than to live to see the death agonies of the Jewish state.

shake the frog