Rav Kahane warned about open anti-Semitism of Russian immigrants in Israel years ago, and the situation only worsens. Almost 200,000 Israelis identify themselves as Slavs, the archetype of anti-Semites. Many Russians are very decent people and good citizens of Israel, in fact more pro-Israeli and anti-Arab than the Jewish leftists. But Slavs are less than ointment, and anti-Semites among them carry more weight than a fly.
A Jew could be religious or not. Even a secular Jew knows he has a problem with anti-Semites. Slavs who marry Jews often do not fear anti-Semitism due to distinctive facial features. A lot of Slavs married Jews as migration vehicles to leave the Russian economic dead-end for any other country including Israel.
Flag burning, a non-violent act is condemned in all countries and usually criminalized. Israel has a symbol more potent than the dubious flag – a Jew. Everyday anti-Semitism is heinous desecration of the ultimate symbol of the State of Israel.
A rare Gentile could comprehend the mortal frustration of Jews who escaped from Russia and its environs only to encounter similar unbridled anti-Semitism in Israel. Impunity is the key to anti-Semitism in Israel as elsewhere. Impunity means hopeless frustration for the Jews and encouragement of Slavic anti-Semites. In Russia, it is unthinkable for a Jew to publicly offend Slavic nationhood. In Israel, police consider ok similar actions by Russian immigrants. Though technically a crime of racism, anti-Semitism goes unpunished. Police have an astonishingly illegal policy of filing criminal charges in racism cases only with prior approval of the Justice Ministry which is never forthcoming. Apparently, anti-Semitism in Israel is just. Police enters the scene when a Jew hits or otherwise shuts down anti-Semite scum, or slaps Slavic anti-Semitic youngster who insults his Jewish classmates – in the Jewish state of Israel!
The Jews who ignore their Jewishness to the point of marrying unconverted Gentiles should not be allowed into Israel. A Gentile, married or not, who was ever overheard offending the Jewish nation, should be stripped of Israeli citizenship and deported on the grounds that he faked loyalty to the state when applying for citizenship. Beating a person for anti-Semitic pronouncements should be reduced to misdemeanor punishable by minor fine.