Stop looking for peace. Nothing is permanent, and little lasts. The world is in flux, and any equilibrium is only temporary. Nations at peace go to war when circumstances change. There will be no lasting peace in the Middle East, a focus of cultural confrontation, nationalist ambitions, and the immense jealousy of the failed Muslim civilization.

The Egyptians are laughing at the Israelis. Egypt lost the war and got the Sinai. For peace? No, for paper. By definition, war breaks peace treaties. Under the cover of a peace agreement, Egypt re-armed and became nuclear, something Israel would have not allowed otherwise. And now the Islamic Brotherhood is poised to rule a country with a nuclear arsenal.

Israel is not the first Jewish state in two thousand years. The Jews rebuilt their state several times. It lasted sometimes years, sometimes up to two centuries. Eternal Rome proved not so eternal, and neither will Israel. We live, we die. States expand and contract and disappear. Societies are in permanent flux. The most we can hope for is longer peaces and shorter wars. That could be achieved. Overwhelming destruction terrorizes enemies for decades. Mobile penetrating strikes and preemption can make wars short. Israel just cannot conduct any wars of any other type: the low-end Iranian and Egyptian armies have more staying power than the IDF. Israel bests her enemies only if she strikes fast, hard, and deep.

But won’t the world turn against the Jews if Israel becomes aggressive? As if the world has treated the humble Jews any differently for two millennia! As if the world really opposed Israeli expansion after 1967! Bloodshed and aggression are irrelevant to world opinion. World opinion has cared nothing about millions dead in countless conflicts. The world is against Israel for the same reason it always has been. The world thinks Jews are arrogantly different, powerful and weak. Weak Jews were politically powerful before; military powerful Israel lacks the will to fight and acts weakly now. Normalize Israel. Like any state, stop running after peace. Instead, be prepared for war, and your enemies will sue for peace. Be normal. Don’t be sorry that you are alive and winning.