Al Qaeda’s warning to Muslims to leave the United States could prove true. Muslim guerillas have no record of bluffing. In the Arab mentality, private honesty does not exist, but the public image must be maintained at any cost. Arab public pronouncements are often truthful, though evasive.

The warning immediately followed the North Korean nuclear test. The Korean communists acted unreasonably and predictably angered China, their main sponsor. North Korea could ask the world community for endless aid in return for abandoning the nuclear test; it didn’t—perhaps because it has a better offer.

The North Koreans exploded an unusually small bomb, too small to build up their military image. The test could be intended for a customer.

Would North Korea risk selling nuclear weapons to terrorists? After the attack, the seller would be obvious. North Korea’s rulers need cash and don’t care about retribution against their people. Quite possibly, North Korea undertook to sell nuclear weapons in exchange for A.Q. Khan’s assistance in their nuclear program. Khan, ousted from the Pakistani nuclear conglomerate under US pressure, definitely wants revenge.

Al Qaeda first warned of massive attacks about the same time North Korea produced its first enriched uranium or plutonium. Bin Laden offered himself as spiritual guide to convert the Americans to Islam. He asked the US to withdraw from Muslim territories. Later, he offered a truce. Finally, he told his fellow Muslims to flee. Bin Laden has exonerated himself before a major attack.

Given a chance of nuclear attack against the US, what is to be done? Analysts are probably checking C-130 plane flights from Pakistan to North Korea in recent days. The customers took a plane. The major thing, however, is a counter-threat.

The United States must issue an ultimatum: in case of nuclear attack, it won’t seek out the perpetrators but inflict reciprocal damage. Mecca is America’s best defense and the dream hostage. Pass a law or at least issue an executive order than the US will annihilate Mecca after any terrorist nuclear attack on American soil. Including a couple other cities, like Hyderabad and Teheran, would be useful but not essential. Mecca is critical for both shiites and sunnis, Saudis and Pakistanis. Muslim terrorists could not afford to be blamed for annihilation of Mecca.