The historic role of the Jewish Defense League consisted in shuttering the Jewish barons’ attitude that Jews should keep a low profile in the face of oppression. Self-appointed Jewish leaders needed the unquestioning consent of the masses to negotiate with Gentile authorities on their behalf. Independent Jewish action, whether an uprising in a Warsaw ghetto or the JDL’s bombing of Soviet offices in America, discredited the claims of Jewish “leaders” that they represented Jews in general. The Judenrat attitude—keep silent under oppression and let me do the talking with the oppressors—permeates the Jewish establishment.
The proper attitude is zero tolerance for the suffering of our brothers and sisters. When Bedouin systematically rape Jewish girls— they never rape Arab girls, for which they would incur a flood feud—Israel must burn the villages of the perpetrators. If the government doesn’t act, honest Jews at least have to besiege that village and clash with the Israeli police who interfere to protect the Arab marauders. When rockets fall on Sderot, Israel has to retaliate with all her power like she did in Lebanon, regardless of the peace process nonsense. Arabs must be the only victims of the peace process.

security vs establishment