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Save lives? No, save the Land

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On May 18, 2010 @ 9:56 am In Jewish matters | 9 Comments

Reform “rabbis” support the peace process by appealing to a Talmudic rule that Jewish life takes precedence over all transgressions but three: murder, incest, and idolatry. Their dishonesty is staggering.

It’s not just that in the worst leftist fashion they twist the terms. The policy they are trying to expedite cannot meaningfully be called a “peace process.” We already have peace with Arabs in the only practical sense: they are afraid of attacking us. The issue is, rather, the surrender of Jewish land for a piece of paper the Arabs have no intention of honoring; it is a “piece process.” These “rabbis” do not care a bit about saving Jewish lives: the whole process actually puts Jews in graver danger, both by provoking Arab terrorists into a last-ditch effort and crowding the Jewish population on a strip of beach eight miles wide.

The “rabbis” do not want the Jews to own the land of the utmost biblical importance because they don’t want Jews to be religious: their belief is in Western leftism dressed up in misinterpreted religious terms. They want Jews to fail in our national-religious enterprise—which necessarily supports Orthodoxy—and assimilate, as they have done.

Contradicting their own pronouncements of the pikuah nefesh-type supremacy of Jewish life, they champion the rights of Palestinians. Of course the American “rabbis” care not a bit about the Arabs, whom they detest as non-Americans. Of course, the whole nonsense about “occupied lands” is ridiculous emanating from America, an occupied land thousands of times the size of Israel; return your own country to the Native Indians before lecturing us.

It’s not just that the dishonest “rabbis” justify their political leanings with a Talmudic rule while rejecting the Talmud’s authority in every other thing.

The thing is they grossly misquote the Talmudic rule. It only applies to groups of less than ten Jews. There is logic there: when a gentile forces a Jew to transgress a commandment in private, it’s usually better to do so and save one’s life. Not so in public: there we have the Book of Maccabbees’ example of the old Jew who endured deadly torture rather than eat pork, or even beef that the onlookers believed to be pork. Public transgression amounts to a call on others to abandon Judaism, which is the grave sin of idolatry. Again: rather than supporting the peace process and abandoning Jewish land to Arabs, the Talmudic rule commands Jews to die rather than publicly violate even the smallest commandment. Holding onto the Land of Israel is a great commandment.

The “three sins” rule is further qualified: a Jew cannot transgress even in private when the transgression benefits gentiles. In Maimonides’ example, a Jew must choose death rather than build a house for gentiles on the Sabbath. The politically incorrect logic is this: benefiting gentiles at the cost of transgressing Judaism amounts to making sacrifices to idols. In Maimonides’ opinion, bringing meat to an idol and building a house for gentiles on the Sabbath is the same thing. Now, some may not like it, but this is Judaism, and no rabbi of learning has ever disputed this rule.

Pikuah nefesh erroneously presumes all life to be valuable. If that is so, we should become pacifist vegetarians. No. God specifically commanded (not just allowed) us to eat certain animals and to kill certain humans: enemies, criminals, and transgressors. This shows that Jewish national well-being, domestic well-being, and religious purity are more important than life.

The peace process is a transgression as public as one could be: in the open view of the entire world’s Jewry we’re being forced to give away the land God commanded us to conquer upon returning there (Deut30:5). The transgression benefits non-Jews, and even enemies. When apostate “rabbis” seek to promulgate their political agenda, no one can bar them from doing so. But they must not call their lies Judaism.

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