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Revenge is better when nuclear

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On July 24, 2008 @ 6:49 pm In rogue Judaism | 12 Comments

“Then the moon [the White One] shall be confounded, and the sun [the Hot One] ashamed; for the LORD of hosts will reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 24:23

Many people misunderstand the commandment that children are not responsible for their parents’ guilt, and vice versa. If taken at the face value, the commandment conflicts with a major commandment to annihilate Amalek [1] for the misdeeds of its remote ancestors. It would also preclude such a commonsense measure as demolishing the family houses of suicide bombers.

Like most other commandments, the non-transference of guilt applies to Jews only. It is an intra-community commandment: any close-knit community would do well to practice it on the presumption of general goodwill. In a like-minded community, individuals’ transgressions are truly individual aberrations.

The very opposite is true for nations. Every nation is like-minded to a degree, and so the guilt of some is presumably shared by many, and fathers’ sin is part of the tradition inherited by their children. Polls show modern Germans to be just as anti-Semitic as their grandparents. The German show of expiating their guilt is ultra-cynical: all the reparations paid to Israel and to Jews amount to a tiny fraction of the value of real estate and other property Germany confiscated after murdering the Jewish owners. So on the whole, the Holocaust proved economically beneficial to Germany and was also a boon socially, as the hated Jews literally evaporated.

The Kahanist logo, the Star of David and fist, is based on a graffiti found in the Warsaw ghetto, left by an unknown dead Jew. The graffiti was signed differently from the Kach logo [2]: “Jews, revenge!” Who are we to condemn the dead Jew as an immoral person, unwilling to forgive his murderers?

It is only now that Jews can put the sun to shame. In Mahabharata’s words, we can light thousands of suns. With a push of a red button.

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