Ben Gurion presided over the hunt for Jewish guerrillas from Irgun and Lehi. Yet, he encouraged Jewish soldiers to drive out Arabs in 1948. Moshe Dayan and leftists after him argued against annexing the West Bank because Israel doesn’t want more Arabs. Jewish state was more important to Dayan than Jewish land. In our politically correct time, Olmert and Jerusalem mayor Lupolyansky decried the increasing Arab presence in Jerusalem. Israel pushes her Arabs to emigrate. Low conversion rates among Slavic immigrants prompted the Ministry of Absorption to push for non-Orthodox conversion courts whose giyur would amount to Allah Akbar declaration. Israel wants to be a Jewish state and is concerned with non-Jewish presence.

Moderately religious Jews and their atheist leaders want to rid the country of non-Jews for a secular reason: comfort. Centuries of persecutions left the Jews with no illusion about their difference and the others’ built-in ant-Semitism. It is uncomfortable to live with aliens, much less with the aliens who dislike you. Presence of large number of non-Jews repudiates the purpose of Jewish state, and removes from Jews a reason to suffer in Israel rather than moving to Canada.

Ethnic-conscious policies are unsustainable in the current international political situation. Israel will have to abandon the Jew-only Law of Return under foreign pressure. Israel could drug the issue by allowing reunification of Jewish families (thus immigration) while bureaucratically opposing Arab’ reunification. Israeli Supreme Court will eventually strike down such practice.

Israel’s only solution to Jewish character of the state is the religious definition. A politically correct state cannot be Jewish, but can be Judaic – like the Vatican is Catholic and Mecca – Muslim. A minimal enforcement of Sabbath, kosher food laws, and gay-free streets would leave Israel a Jewish state without major opposition from the West.