The line between fanaticism and ‘a strong sense of values’ is thin. Decadent Rome became all-permissive, and gay marriage in America or gay parades in Jerusalem are similarly appalling. People are not only bodies, but also minds and souls. They do have values. A secular American would probably despise monarchy, polygamy, and communism without giving much thought to either. His belief in American values is totally religious. Many Americans would be offended by polygamous families, and wouldn’t like to see them walking the streets of America. Many Jews similarly don’t like to see gays parading in Jerusalem. Private polygamy or homosexuality is no one else’s business, but public flouting of societal values is unacceptable. A religious Jewish society wouldn’t execute people who believe in Darwin. Besides the contentious issues of abortion, kosher food, and publicly working on Sabbath, religious Jews envision Israel substantially the same way that nationalist Jews do. The three major political issues are the land, demographics, and military tactics. Secular nationalists from Zhabotinsky onwards, as well as religious Jews, argue that no land Israel holds now should be given to Arabs, that Arabs must not be allowed to become a majority in Israel, and that the response to Arab attacks must be sufficiently cruel to discourage them.

Judea, which the foreigners call the West Bank, is central to the Jewish national idea. It is the very land of the ancient Jewish state, a home to the patriarchs, prophets, and kings. Secular Americans would refuse whatever cash offer the Chinese might make for the White House. Judea is similarly non-negotiable for nationalist and religious Jews.

Gaza is less significant ideologically, but should not be given away for strategic reasons. A Palestinian Gaza would mean that Israel would be cut in half by the road from the Palestinian state in the West Bank to Gaza, which would also become a beachhead for Egyptian radicals to act against Israel. The Egyptian card is being played now, as Hamas receives plenty of weapons and explosives from Egypt.

The Golan Heights are very important strategically, but the main reason for not returning them is basic decency. Israel has repelled Syrian aggression thrice, and the land is a proper tribute. To return it to Syria would amount to betraying the Jews who fought and died there. The Golans are irrelevant to peace with Syria, which opposed Israel before she acquired the Heights in 1967. Syria is Israel’s strategic enemy and will always remain such, regardless of peace treaties, which exist only on paper. The Golan Heights provide Israel with a bit of the depth of defense critical in any war with the Syrians.

Israeli propaganda downplays the demographic problem. The ratio of Arabs in Israel, however, is artificially low because of the recent influx of elderly Jews from the USSR. They don’t reproduce. In the representative age group of 0–9 years, Arabs are 32 percent, and that ratio tends to increase. In thirty years, Arabs will become the largest faction in the Knesset, and probably the majority. That would spell the end of the Jewish state. Israel as an ethnic-blind democracy tolerant to Jews is senseless; the US and Australia provide better options for the Jews than an Arab-dominated Israel would. Israeli Arabs, along with Palestinians from the territories, must be moved to Jordan, a state where the Palestinians already form the majority.