The Jewish equivalent of Christmas is inconvenient for the politically correct establishment. The merry festival glorifies a civil war.

Judea was a protectorate both before and after the Maccabean Revolt. The Jews were content with the occupation and revolted only when the Greeks outlawed Judaism. The Jews did not achieve independence—the only changes were religious. Fundamentalists exterminated progressive Jews who sought to relax outdated Sabbath and kosher-food requirements. The Greek king wanted to turn the odd Jews into good members of the Hellenic commonwealth. He offered them plenty of economic benefits in return for abandoning their bizarre religious habits. The Jews fought and won. Modern Jews have sided with the king and choose the convenience of assimilation.

Mattathias started the war by killing a Jewish traitor. What was his sin? He made a sacrifice according to Greek customs. How many atheist Jews today would care?

Possibly the most famous account of the Book of Maccabees is of the Jewish mother who urged her seven sons to reject the Greeks’ demand to transgress the law. On refusal, each was tortured to death before his mother’s eyes; her execution followed. The Jews who celebrate Hanukah today deride noble Palestinian mothers who encourage their children to die in suicide blasts.

An old man was ordered to eat pork and refused. His reasonable Jewish friends offered him beef, so he wouldn’t actually violate the commandment, but would only seem to. He refused, lest the youth follow his example and eat pork. He was executed. Of the Jews who celebrate Hanukah today, who among them rejects pork in restaurants, let alone in the face of execution? They betray the hero’s memory.

A photo of a Jewish family celebrating Hanukah would make a perfect illustration for an encyclopedia article on hypocrisy.

the real Hanukah