Why do we need Israel? It is sickening to see Israelis electing governments that trample upon every commandment. Israeli rulers have made it a habit to conduct peace-process negotiations on Sabbath, introduced ultra-left school education whose atheistic brainwashing surpasses the policies of Russian communists, welcomed the “inhabitants of the land” instead of driving them away, and now gives the Land of Israel to idol-worshipers.

In a highly symbolic move, Olmert’s government agreed to transfer a major piece of real estate in Jerusalem, the Russian Courtyard, to Russia’s government. It is not even an issue of legal rights: the Russians have none, as the property was purchased by a long-defunct tsarist charity. Israel had previously dispossessed scores of Arab villagers who had far stronger rights to the land than the Slavs. The faithless Israeli government fearfully avoids demolishing the many Christian Orthodox churches that dot Jerusalem’s landscape, though it isn’t clear how those churches are different from Hitler’s monuments. It was Christians rather than Muslims, Hindus, or Martians who exterminated the Jews for centuries. The churches in Jerusalem are a political symbol of the institutional oppression of Jews. Nazis held power for years, but the Orthodox Church conducted anti-Semitic propaganda and organized massacres for centuries. The Russian and Ukrainian pogrom mobs, with Orthodox crosses in hand, annihilated Jews. Besides the political issue, there’s an explicit commandment to refrain from selling Jewish land to idolaters. And are the Orthodox Christians not idolaters? They revere weeping icons! That’s right, some of the most revered Christian icons “weep” occasionally, and are worshiped for that very behavior. Let’s not presume the ancient Greeks to be so stupid as to believe that their statues are really enlivened; ancient idolaters worshiped their images as a symbol of divinity—just like the Orthodox Christians worship their icons, which feature their deity (a good Jew, actually). Worse, the Orthodox Christian churches in Jerusalem picture what they believe to be God. However one interprets the prohibition of graven images, it doubtless covers false images of God.

Tolerating the Nazi-like, idolatrous Orthodox Christian churches in Jerusalem is, moreover, worthless. The Russians refuse to return hundreds of thousands of Jewish properties they confiscated after the Nazis massacred their owners, or to restore to Jews thousands of synagogues confiscated by the communists. Russians eagerly appropriate real estate, such as the Russian Courtyard, but supply anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to our Muslim enemies, work with Iran on its nuclear program, and have resumed a massive Navy presence in Syria.

Jews don’t gain anything by brazenly violating the commandments.

raze the domes