The Americans feel guilty before the black people, whose ancestors they forceably brought from hunger, diseases, and horrible labor in Africa to work in America. So the US introduced affirmative action for the blacks.

The guilt is only a pretext. The Christians treated Jews much worse than the blacks over a much longer time, yet no affirmative action exists for the Jews. The idea of affirmative action is not to compensate, but rather to normalize the blacks and integrate them into civilized society. Israel faces the same problem with her Arabs.

A politically correct society cannot simply say that some of its members are less developed than others, and so must be brought up in order to work fruitfully, pay taxes, and avoid charity. Rather, such societies invent extraneous reasons why some groups perform worse than others. Following the rationalist historical approach, leftists assert objective reasons for the groups’ failure to develop adequately.

Such an approach produces several dangers. The undeveloped groups readily accept that everyone else is guilty and responsible for their miserable plight. They shed personal responsibility and claim benefits from the advanced groups. The “oppressed” become assertive, demanding, and eventually aggressive. Every subsidy confirms them in their right, and failure of the state to meet their ever-rising expectations results in protests, and often violence.

Societal indicators are destroyed. Race, not personal achievements, determines university admittance, job opportunities, and benefits.

Racial consciousness increases: it is not enough to know that a doctor graduated from a good university. Now we must question whether he belongs to the oppressed minority, and so his diploma is less credible.

Idealistic prescriptions do not work. Arabs are criminal not because they are oppressed or poor. Poor and oppressed Jews in all times were law-abiding. Arabs underperform in all meaningful occupations in Israel not because they are discriminated against, but because they lack work ethics, which are a product of long cultural development. Most Arabs lack higher education because they don’t want to put forth the effort, not because of their limited access to universities.

On the other side, the reason the Israeli government doesn’t collect taxes from Arabs is not to avoid riots. Arabs don’t riot because of taxation in other countries. The Israeli government just finds it easier to enforce draconian taxes on law-abiding Jews. Similarly, the Israeli government refuses to bulldoze illegal Arab houses because it lacks the political will do so, not because the Arabs who build without permits are likely to riot.

Arabs in Israel don’t pay taxes and don’t take building permits. They don’t serve in the Israeli army or perform civil duty. Israeli courts routinely accept their false testimonies against the Jews—and sentence the Jews who defended themselves. Arabs enjoy the strong institutional protection of the Israeli left. Arabs in Israel receive huge welfare payments, enjoy virtually free health care and education, and breed, breed, breed. They breed to become a majority and a master race in Israel.