The right wing is fragmented. People of strong principles lack the tolerance of the spineless left. Haredim detest less Orthodox Jews who detest atheists who detest haredim. Conservative Jews must unite in order to defeat the coalition of Arabs and Jewish leftists. The unification platform should be the lowest common denominator of the various right-wing groups: a Jewish state without Arabs, extra-hard responses to terrorism, and an at least autonomous Judea. Differences would have to be glossed over. Religious Jews can theoretically accept a small number of non-voting Arabs, which pragmatic nationalists oppose. The mere cessation of territorial concessions is too modest a goal for many who would rather return all of Judea and Samaria under Jewish control. Those differences are not essential now. First, we need to stop the onslaught on the Jewish state by Arabs (demographically) and leftists (politically).

Years from now, if we succeed, we can debate the degree of religious education to be required in Israeli schools, the cessation of atheist propaganda, and bringing the Jews back to Judaism. For now, religious Jews have to accept secular Jews as full partners. A strong, defiant, ideologically charged Jewish state would turn more Jews to our religious and cultural roots, and ease the religious-secular divide. Absent of leftist brainwashing, the children of today’s atheists could become traditionalist or even Orthodox Jews.

What do we do now? Every revolutionary movement exists in three layers: widespread talk that forms the mob’s sentiment, semi-peaceful protests, and radical actions. There is no need to elaborate on the radical actions that should be taken against Jewish leftists and Arabs. Any Jew with a gun knows what to do, and could do that on his own without entrusting his security to a large organization sure to be penetrated by Israeli security services.

Any large organization has to walk the thin line of legal compliance. There is no way to conduct anti-government operations in secrecy. Conservative Jews must assume that the police monitor all their communications. Non-violent mass protests have great moral force and remain within legal limits. The task of mass protests naturally falls to the best-organized groups.

But most importantly, conservative Jews should start shaking the mob out of its lethargic compliance. Talk. Break the limits of political correctness. Get the people used to the idea that the Israeli government can and should be confronted, the Arabs resettled, and the territories annexed. With sufficient pressure on their ears, the ideas would penetrate their minds.