Israeli leftists have already staged many provocations to manipulate Jewish farmers into beating the encroaching Arabs—and suing the Jews. With the eviction from Judea and Samaria looming, leftists would parade Arabs near the settlements at night to provoke the guards into shooting them. The government would love the security situation to deteriorate to the point that Israelis accept abandoning Judea and Samaria to the Arabs.

Jewish settlements exist amid a sea of hostile Arabs and have to maintain their guard. Patrols, manned by settlers, are more concerned with leftist prosecution than the Arab threat. Shooting an Arab guarantees a lengthy investigation and likely conviction for manslaughter. Unless the Arab had brandished a firearm or approached closely with a knife, Israeli courts generally consider killing him to be murder. Settlement guards should be accorded the benefit of doubt allowed to police. Some arrests and even killings by police are eventually recognized as wrong, but not wrongful because the police act honestly and expertly. The errors are made in good faith, not out of malice or negligence. The settlement guards should also be presumed right in acting against Arabs.

protect the guards