The original Balfour Declaration earmarked Jordan for Israel. Later, the British carved the Transjordan from Israel for a friendly Arab princeling. Jordan is sparsely populated, economically non-viable, and politically unstable. The monarchy will fall – as they have throughout the world – and democratic elections will bring the Palestinian majority to power. Israel will have a poor, fundamentalist, vengeful state on its border. The failed state of Iraq will supply arms and guerrillas. Israel has troubles with Palestine now; Jordan will become a really big Palestine.

Israel could deport Jordanian Arabs a hundred kilometers to Iraq whose weak government would be unable to counter the relocation. Population transfer is hard. Dealing with an aggressive Palestinian Jordan thirty years from now willf be much harder.

Christian-Muslim Lebanon is a state of wolves and – well, not exactly sheep. The two inherently hostile religious groups cannot live together. Catholics and Protestants fought civil wars in Europe, and Christians and Muslims will fight in Lebanon. Dismantling that state would be a favor to its inhabitants.

Israel needs a buffer zone in the north. Lebanese Christians want their own state – an extremely welcome development for Israel, otherwise the lone non-Muslim entity in the Middle East. Syria rightly considers North Lebanon Syrian territory.

Expansionist Syria is Israel’s natural ally. Israel and Syria share the goal of correcting the colonial powers’ geographical errors. Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq are not viable states. The sooner they are taken off the map, the less blood spilled there.