Israel is a Jewish, not an ethnic-blind, state. The basic commandments of Judaism are not subject to evaluation by the Knesset. Public flouting of the commandments is prohibited.

Israel adheres to the goal of the Promised Land in its entirety. Israel will not surrender any land she holds.

An independent religious state of Judea is established in Judea and Samaria.

Israeli Arabs are deported to Jordan. Low-level jobs are earmarked for temporary immigrant workers, mostly Hindu and Buddhist.

The non-Jewish population, excluding the spouses of Jews, is capped at 1% of the total number of Israelis. Resident visas are reserved mostly for personnel at non-Jewish places of worship.

Gentile spouses of Jews must adhere to ger tzedek rules. Children of such mixed marriages are recognized as Jewish.

Missionary activity is prohibited. Religions other than Judaism may be practiced in private or inside houses of worship.

Atheist and socialist propaganda is banned from the education system. Children learn Jewish nationalism and moderate religious values. Schools and universities are private, but every Jew is eligible for a thirty-year interest-free education loan from the government.

Communities may become autonomous and set their own rules regarding public appearance, education, religion, admission of new residents, welfare, and local taxes. Communities may not inflict punishments for religious reasons but may expel transgressors.

In security matters, Jewish lives take priority. The Israeli army avoids urban combat regardless of collateral cost to the enemy. Retaliation for terrorist attacks is sufficiently cruel to discourage them. Muslims are held collectively responsible for terrorist attacks.

The Israeli army is reduced to the bare minimum and conscription limited to three months. Israel will use nuclear weapons if attacked by regular armies. If attacked with non-conventional weapons, Israel will retaliate with nuclear weapons against Mecca and other Islamic population centers. If the perpetrators of the attack are unknown, Israel will presume Muslim countries collectively liable.

A Christian buffer state is created in north Lebanon.

Israel refuses aid from foreign governments.

Israel rejects foreign arbitration but settles all matters directly with her neighbors.

The bureaucratic state is dismantled. Israel subscribes to free market doctrines with reasonable ecological, labor, and other kinds of safeguards. Permits are abrogated; liability insurance suffices to conduct any business. The trade union monopoly on labor is banned.

The welfare state is dismantled. Charity is a private affair, and the government offers only last-resort protection. Only people unable to work may ask for welfare funds, and then only for food, clothing, basic health care, and shelter.

The consolidated tax rate is capped at 15%.