Liberals offer cheeks to oppressors – others’ cheeks. Tolerance now comes at expense of aggravating cruelties required to solve the problem later. Liberalism wasn’t initially about absence of principles, but about absence of alien values, specifically, of oppression but generally of any values hateful and detrimental to overwhelming majority of population. Liberals were prepared to fight for their principles, not accommodate wickedness. Acceptance of evil is logical development of primitive rationalism. Leftists assume that they understand the world, thus could plan and change it at will. Absurd social theories and doctoral theses need real-life applications. Whatever does not contradict leftist theories is not evil. Since morality defies primitive rationalism, leftists exclude morality from their equations. Immorality is never against the leftism. On other hand, leftists despise the established societies which both resist redesign according to the leftist blueprints and consistently defy leftists’ predictions. Leftists hatefully destroy legal, political, and military barriers that defend their domestic societies against evil, be it homosexuality or Islamic terrorism. Freedom of speech is a weapon that societies employ against their enemies. Freedom of speech is used to rally support for defense of the core values. Leftists suppress the hate speech which defends core values, and allow propaganda of hostile, alien values.

Ideally, liberalism is “live and let live,” but these imperatives do conflict. Living is not only a matter of physical existence but also a spiritual environment to live in, an Arab-free Jewish state, for example. Others’ interests have to be infringed upon. The rule of thumb is to keep damage to the unavoidable minimum; transferring the Arabs rather than killing them out.

Leftists don’t care about offending others. Leftist regimes killed massively, and leftists vociferously suppress honest and decent conservatives. In the effort to preserve their ivory towers, leftists suppress dissent. Jewish assimilators don’t want to be different from the Gentile world, and break the dissent among Jews. Assimilators converge with the leftists.

practical leftism