Jewish values are not humanism, intellectual openness, care for others, or democracy. Actually, none of those ideals are Jewish. Jewishness is not ethnicity—everyone can become a Jew. Jewishness equals Judaism. Honestly, everyone may understand it differently to a degree. Karaites and Pharisees are at the poles of interpretation. There is, however, a core common to them: acceptance of biblical precepts, and an attempt to practice their culture.

Many ethnic Jews would rather assimilate—and they are free to do so. Those who come to Israel, however, must be doing so for a reason: otherwise, why this war-ridden land instead of any number of safer places?

Size matters. The idea of Lebensraum is suppression of others: Lebensraum is sufficiently large as to necessitate the suppression. Israel is a tiny state, less than a county in America. Yes, Jews will relocate some Arabs a few miles, but such harm is minimal by the standards of statehood. You accept reservations for Native Indians—with their own laws, culturally exclusive. You accept jurisdiction for the Irish and Chechens. Why not accept that Jews, too, want that tiny speck of the land to live according to our rules? Without Arabs.

Democracy is very un-Jewish. Indeed, the Bible prohibits following a majority to evil. Classical democracy was never ethnic-blind: descendants of foreigners could not become Athenian citizens, ever. The United States has ethnic-based immigration quotas. Americans made their democracy ethnic-blind the other way around—by making their society mono-ethnic, through the melting pot. Jews do not want to melt! Separation is our point of existence.

Jewish intellectual openness never extended to questioning biblical precepts. Indeed, that would destroy the foundation of Jewish identity. Is such closed-mindedness odd? But in America, how many people question the Bill of Rights? How many Englishmen question the Magna Carta?

Is humanism a Jewish value? The Canaanites would have doubted that. Hebrews raged at every nation on their way to the land. Jews became humble only when humiliated.

Care for others? Not at all. Only for neighbors. I laugh when I think about the Jewish organizations’ hypocrisy about Darfurian Muslims.

Jews are not some imagined people. They are very flesh-and-blood ones. Like all others, they are prone to violence, vengeance, and cultural identity. Israeli youth are proud of their army experience, proud to be strong. The typical humble Jew of the exile is not a real Jew. When Israel offered us an opportunity to be strong, we became strong and proud of it.