People presume goodness and honesty of others, and are stunned by their actions. Open your eyes. Bush-Rice consortium does not protect Israel. The inbuilt anti-Semitism multiplied by disregard to aliens and exponentiated by the Administration’s own interests leaves no place for the Jews in the American calculations. And rightly so, because the Jews should take care of themselves rather than count on the modern-day Assyria. Taking care means not electing someone who doesn’t. And why would the likes of Olmert care for the Jews? Olmert seemed a perfect right-winger: his family rejected Russian socialism, he was in Beitar, Golani, Herut, and voted against the Sinai capitulation. Olmert’s character started decomposing when he married a leftist woman. No one could safely sustain deep political schism in his family; schism could turn schizophrenia or cynicism. University degree in psychology saved Olmert from schizophrenia, but he was left with no ideals to sustain. For some time, he habitually wore the garb of right-winger. Corruption steadily ate at his character and provided him with new goals very different from Judaism. When his two sons deserted the Israeli army and his daughter announced that she’s lesbian, Olmert could not defend his old values in good faith. He had either to admit his personal life a failure or accept new ideals. He didn’t pronounce the failure. By the time he became Sharon’s right hand, Olmert was a confirmed cynic, corrupt and leaning left. He hated his old conservative attachments, an irritating reminder of his degradation. Olmert lost connection with right wing, but the treason gained him no true friends among the left. So he proceeded to strengthen non-political connections in business and build horizontal ties with fellow foreign rulers. Both types demanded sacrifices of Jewish interests, and sacrificed he did. Asked why he betrays his electoral promises, Sharon remarked that what’s seen from here (prime minister’s office), isn’t seen from there (the streets). Indeed. Prime minister doesn’t see the Jews or Jewish interests. He communicates with ruling clique, corrupt oligarchs, and hostile-to-indifferent foreigners. That’s his new world outlook.