Isolation is a means of Jewish existence. Anything not isolated assimilates. If the Jewish purpose is different from that of other nations, then the Jewish life must be different. One cannot lead a different life while intermingling with others. Judaism is a full-day occupation. One cannot be a person like others (Gentiles) during the day and remain Jewish at night in the private sphere. Moderately religious Jews and their atheist rabbis proclaim various “same-same but different” policies. A popular variety of such policy is economic interconnection along with ritual or demographic isolation. That won’t work. People do business with trustworthy individuals. Only predictable individuals are trustworthy. Only individuals with a readily comprehensible system of values are predictable. Throughout history, Gentiles conducted with Jews simple business where it was enough to know of the Jews’ immediate honesty. Modern business transactions are complex and require full-fledged trust. Look at the difficulties American businessmen have doing business in China or Russia; the mentality and value systems are too different for comfortable cooperation. Western investment in China remains minuscule compared to transatlantic investment. A similar problem awaits the Jews if we want to be different and adhere to our own system of values. A religious Israel would be able to trade with other countries, but not engage in complex economic cooperation. No one likes odd partners.

Religious people cannot grow rich. Affluent, possibly, but not rich. Many rich hypocrites pose as religious, but they are assimilated, atheistic, lack the fear of God, and conduct religion as a set of rites rather than live a religious life.

A common objection to the second Jewish state of Judea is its limited economic capacity. That is far from certain. A theocracy built around the laws of the Torah would be a laissez-faire state with very low taxes and next to no regulation. Such a state can prosper in many areas, from offshore banking to jewelry to tax haven. But the big question is, would Jews accept a moderate economy in return for the religious and simply Jewish life? Judging by the millions of American Jews who prefer the assimilation and affluence of America to the limited economic opportunities and Jewishness of Israel, few Jews would move to Judea.

But they will be the best Jews.

poor jews are not poor at all