Conservatives are simpletons. They cling to old ways and resist progress. Though time-tested, their ways are unfashionable and unscientific. Science is an experimental approach; in social issues, experiments are performed on humans. Conservatives lack the bright ideas which would dramatically improve the situation; the stubborn conservatives maintain that bright ideas never work in social relations. Conservatives condemn the world to an irritatingly slow pace of development through minor trials, errors, and adjustments. They reject the self-evident notion that peace can be achieved through negotiations and insist on old-fashioned victory. Conservatives don’t believe that great minds shape societies, and maintain that societies develop on their own. Conservatives insult great politicians by doubting their role and influence.

The left are smart, educated, active, and well-organized. They achieve well, and easily beat the conservatives in public debates and in politics. The left clear the scene for themselves, act, are proven wrong, and act again. The left manipulate the masses and therefore depend on collective action. It is impossible to gather masses for a good purpose; people only unite out of fear or hatred. The best hope is to direct the evil collective action against a greater evil; that’s called a war of liberation. People don’t want freedom per se; family and job obligations leave little place for freedom in daily lives. Rather, people want freedom from those they hate, and so wars of liberation are actually wars of justified hatred, fought against a hated oppressor. The left, therefore, are themselves hateful and unleash the power of hatred on the masses. Witness the zigzags of Israeli politics.

Haim Ramon is a centrist vice prime minister (the prime minister of vice, indeed). He is a convicted sexual offender. He is not really a rapist, but he forcibly kissed a soldier girl—a soldier who might well die one day defending the likes of Ramon. At the same time, Ramon did the immensely important job of reining in the activist Supreme Court. Ramon fought the court’s most egregious excess: internal appointment of judges. That’s not a joke: the Israeli Supreme Court opted for real independence and started appointing its own judges. The Supreme Court thus evolved into a black box churning out ultra-left verdicts with no legislative input. Back in office after serving a short sentence, Ramon conspired with Fatah to abandon Judea and partition Jerusalem. He criticized Ehud Barak of the leftist Avodah Party for his right-wing views when Barak doubted that Fatah could uphold any security promises. Then Ramon slammed the Israeli government for abandoning its earlier decision to cut the electricity supply to hostile Gaza.

Ramon’s policies can be superficially designated as non-religious nationalism: he wants security for Israel but doesn’t care about religiously or historically significant places. That is a typically leftist proclivity for creating artificial entities—in this case, an Israeli nation bereft of any religious or historical connections. But Ramon is smart, and cannot imagine security for Israel locked inside eight-mile-wide borders. Ramon is an experienced politician and knows that concessions only embolden Arabs to further demands; they won’t stop even at partitioning Jerusalem. The only firm line in Ramon’s politics is hatred, the hatred of everyone and the burning desire to manage and reform—the desire of power. Hatred and power, that’s what leftism is about. Ramon equally hates the Jews and the Arabs. He gladly strips Jewish judges of their mammoth power, makes religious Jews suffer by abandoning Judea and Jerusalem, and oppresses the Arabs in Gaza. Ramon personifies evil, but he is not the only one.