There is one platform on which the majority of Israelis would agree with the right wing: drastic reduction of taxes. The compound tax rate in Israel is 63 percent, and considerably more if accounting for the cost of compliance with myriad regulations. Four days a week, Israeli Jews work for the government; that qualifies them as serfs. In return, the government provides them with political humiliation, military insecurity because of political blunders and rejection of the first-use of nuclear weapons, and the proud knowledge that they support unemployed Arabs and Russian “retirees” who never worked in Israel. By consumer standards of civilized countries, Israelis are dirt poor; the mix of cars on the streets of Tel Aviv resembles Cairo, not New York or Paris.

Religious Jews long refused government subsidies, essentially bribes for accepting a defeatist faithless state as Jewish. Many succumbed, and some still resent it. Religious Jews could be shamed into refusing the government’s assistance.

The government bribes economically inefficient minority groups with welfare, and they have to acquiesce to its treacherous policies. Dependence on the government corrupts. People who relegate their economic problems to the Israeli government soon relegate to it their security and political problems. Israelis, who accept the government as their caregiver, allow the government to be their state’s caretaker. They agree with the ruling clique whatever it does, vote for the major parties that could deliver welfare, and avoid discharging the main duty of citizens—to think of their country’s well-being.

The mainstream sorry-I’m-still-alive Jews refuse to see the harshness of real political life. They prefer deceiving themselves with the utopian idea of peace with Arabs. Accordingly, mainstream Jews won’t support the harsh policies proposed by the right. Conservatives could garner mainstream support by temporarily abandoning political platforms and running for elections with only economic slogans of drastic reductions in taxes and regulation. A series of recent corruption scandals would draw more support for the concept of small government.

Israeli right-wing wolves should re-dress themselves into the sheepskins of economic liberals: nice, respectable, non-threatening, and unquestionably reasonable. Once in office, they could also block the political concessions.