Palestinian terrorists are doing the job of Israeli government propaganda. Or, rather, undoing it. Al Aqsa-PIJ’s joint operation in Eilat drives home to Israelis the lesson: there could be no peace with Palestine. Sworn enemies have to be attritted through killing, preferably killed out; there’s no other way to peace with them. Dead enemies are the best peace partners.

Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade belongs to Fatah-PLO, the very organization praised as moderate by Israeli and American political swindlers and showered with money. Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a niche terrorist organization, one of the several such groups conveniently avoided in the simplistic portrayal of moderate Fatah against radical Hamas. Wait, Hamas is not radical. By the Palestinian standarda, Hamas is very mainstream. There are real radicals.

Jews in Tel Aviv partied when Hizbollah’s rockets fell on Haifa. Jews enjoyed Eilat vacations when Hamas’ rockets hit Sderot. Al Aqsa-PIJ did a great hasbara job: they reminded the Jews that none of us is safe while our brothers and sisters are being killed. No part of the country, however far, is too far for our enemies. No place, however conceded to Israel by treaties, is lost in Arab hearts.

After the giveaway of Sinai, Egyptian soldiers killed and wounded a total of 37 Israelis near Eilat. Palestinians killed another Israeli, and three more today. Muslims know how to reach peace with the Jews: by killing us. Jews need to learn that tactical wisdom.