I love Canada and the Netherlands. They are nice tolerant countries. It’s hard to explain to their tolerant Jews why should we rid Israel of Arabs and deviants. It’s like talking to people from another planet. Isn’t tolerant all-permissiveness a better policy?

No. Permissiveness knows no boundaries. That’s especially a problem when tolerance is coupled with formal justice and moral subjectivity. Justices ask, “Why not?” and cannot find rational answer; irrational answers are not codified. Tolerance starts with accepting other religions and not ostracizing homosexuals. The sphere of tolerance is continuously expanded. If we tolerate all religions, why not tolerate Islam? If we tolerate homosexuality, why not accept gay unions? Soon their countries are flooded with Muslim immigrants and the cornerstone institution of family is undermined by same-sex marriages. Judges will find no reason to prohibit polygamy, and the only argument I’ve heard against bestiality is animal rights; shouldn’t rape a sheep, you see. Faced with obvious immorality, leftists either have to admit their policy of tolerance to be wrong, or embrace the deviations as beneficial. They will surely prefer the latter option. Thus we have school courses on homosexuality and hysteria about AIDS frightening decent people out of singles bars – for they don’t know that AIDS is restricted to homosexuals and drug addicts. Tolerance is a policy of no barriers, and such policies are prone to exploitation. Canada had no problem with massive immigration from many countries until Arabs flooded it. Tolerance benefits generic societies in perhaps 99 percent of instances, but the inability to confront vaguely defined evil in 1 percent of cases brings societies down. Intolerant societies are much more durable because they are conservative. All innovations have to pass through the barrier of initial hostility or be tried elsewhere. Intolerant countries are not on the edge of social experimentation and generally are moderate economic performers, but they are safe and comfortable for the vast majority of their citizens.

Israel tried tolerance with her Arabs, but the tolerance only provoked them. They exploit Israeli tolerance with massive illegal construction, tax evasion, crime, and disloyalty. The line between tolerance and weakness is too fine for a state to dance.
Israel cannot be tolerant. She must be a Jewish country. That’s her reason for existence. Think of it as a zoning regulation. Arabs, homosexuals, and Peace Now members can live thirty miles away from their current residences, in Jordan or Lebanon. Or in Canada, if it would have them.

permissive unto death: homosexual marriage and bestiality; to marry a sheep