It’s all about statistics. The world is superficially concerned about the six million Jewish deaths rather than the twenty million Russians killed in WWII because the entirety of Eastern European Jewry had been wiped out, while the Russian nation was only dented.
It’s also about savagery. Jews were murdered with unexpected—albeit historically standard—cruelty, while the Russians were mostly killed in normal military operations.

A world built around the Christian “Love your neighbor” is a pipe dream. It never existed nor ever could. The world built around the Jewish “Love your neighbor” is ruthlessly practical: it only loves neighbors, never aliens.

The world never changes. The Plays of Euripides resound with our souls today; the twentieth-century’s wars, if anything, were bloodier than the Persian-Greek wars, and equally savage. The religions proclaimed thousands of years ago attract billions of adherents. Morals don’t change. Never.

Some of Israel’s best friends recognize the immense treachery of the US Administrations pushing Israel toward the suicidal peace process—a lopsided path of capitulation to the Arab enemy. Our friends, however, lament that there is no solution. That’s untrue, and they usually recognize that immediately by clarifying that there’s no morally acceptable solution. Check your morals.

In terms of morals, European settlers in America were remarkably similar to Jewish settlers in Canaan. The gap of three thousand years is nothing, and the subsequent two centuries mean even less. The Germans are the most civilized European nation; the French are the most cultured European nation; the Russians are the most soul-scratching nation; Italy is the tenderest nation; but all of them committed immense atrocities just decades ago. Would someone imagine a change in the mentality of homo sapiens in a matter of decades?

Permanent peace in the Middle East is unattainable. It is similarly unattainable in any other place on earth. It is a matter of biology and million-year-old animal behavior; nations fight. No well-wishing will change that.

Long periods of peace are easy to come by. The horrible details are well known. In order to be safe from your enemy, kill him first. If someone wants to kill you, kill him first. Don’t investigate his mentality. Don’t break your head trying to invent terms acceptable to him. There are none. Conflicts between nations are not business disputes, and cannot be arbitrated. It is all-or-nothing, a matter of national pride, and therefore national existence. Just like Maccabeus and bar Kochba bet the Jewish existence, so should the Jews today—unless they want to pitifully praise millennia-old heroism in festivals devoid of meaning.
Like the old heroes? Go produce a few new ones.

Jews can safely exist in the state of Israel. Safely to a degree. Safe for some time. To an unknown degree. For an unknown time. The safety won’t come through conferences, peace settlements, or two-state solutions. If Jews want a state like other nations, then they should build a state like other nations did. By cleansing the desired land of our enemies.

By killing the 0.2 percent of the world’s Muslims still alive on 0.5 percent of the Middle East’s land.

good jews tend to be dead