Orthodox and Conservative establishments compete in bragging how stringent is their process of conversion, how well they check the applicants. Indeed. An Arab convert to Judaism was indicted today for aiding the Muslim enemy. What kind of rabbis believed the sincerity of an Arab who joined yeshiva obviously to get Israeli citizenship? What kind of police approved citizenship application of an Arab whose entire family is in the business of terrorism? And what kind of a Jewish woman married that character?

Halutz’ resignation is not going the change the degrading IDF command. Olmert and Peretz seriously discuss Moshe Kaplinsky as a new chief of staff. Never mind that Kaplinsky was Halutz’ deputy and voiced not a word publicly about the mismanagement.

The Quartet of barbarians and hereditary anti-Semites (UN, EU, and Russia – along with the US) will discuss how to push Israel for the suicidal peace process. The very people who annihilated Jews for centuries – including the twentieth century – will now put on the moral garb and talk of the dreadful Jews oppressing poor Arabs. Isn’t it nice to be moral and have the Jews dead? Europeans and Russians, who did not entirely succeed in killing the Jews in ghettos, help Arabs to make a ghetto in Israel – a very temporary ghetto.