Failed prophetic movements increase their proselytizing efforts to substitute social proof for truth. Once a path is chosen, people tend to keep to it despite all contradictory evidence. After the initial reason for taking that path falls into disrepute, people invent new reasons: the peace process evolved as a means to attain security, but evolved into a quest for justness because the security objective proved unattainable. When it became evidently unjust as Jews lost their holy sites, it became a matter of reaching a consensus with the international community.

When people cannot evaluate the truth, they look for social proof instead of objective truth. The number of adherents to a particular idea and intensity of their beliefs is mistaken for proof. Israel’s population cannot evaluate the intricacies of the peace process, and so the population looks to the peace zealots for a social example. The mass political suicide of an Israeli society that follows the peaceniks is not unlike the Holocaust or Jonestown, where crowds walked to their deaths because imitation was their only behavioral benchmark.