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Peace isn’t worth ceasefire

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On September 24, 2007 @ 12:09 pm In peace process | 4 Comments

Israel’s political “elite” does not want peace. Had it been otherwise, why delay the formation of the Palestinian state? Israel derives no benefit from occupying lands settled by Arabs, and spends tremendously in lives and money. Israel can retreat behind the borders her government accepts, and deal with Palestine as a state. Other Muslims will not sign peace with Israel [1] when a Palestinian state is created in whatever borders. Palestine long ago ceased to be an Israeli bargaining chip in the peace process. [2] Other Muslim states take its statehood for granted and offer Israel no concessions, such as peace treaty, to achieve an independent Palestine.

Neither do the Arabs want peace with Israel. A Zionist enemy comes in handy when you need to divert popular attention from your country’s economic shortcomings. Totalitarian Arabs and socialist totalitarian Israel need each other as enemies. Minor wars like the Lebanon War in 2006 consolidate nations: people think of immediate security, not the vague political objective of dismantling socialism.

The quest for peace is a leftist invention. Nations historically have cooperated and coexisted without peace treaties. In a sensible world, no one expects a treaty to hold if the situation changes. Leftists seek Wilsonian eternal peace, guaranteed by paper treaties. That’s a typical leftist approach, that the world’s complexities can be rationalized, studied, agreed upon, settled, and planned. Soviet communists expected the economy to conform to their prescriptions; Israeli leftists imagine the Arabs will stick to their agreements.

Even if all Muslim countries were to sign peace with Israel, we won’t be able to count on their good intentions, but would have to maintain the army nonetheless. In practical terms, there is no difference between a peace treaty and the absence thereof.
Why give away Jewish land in return for elusive peace [3]?

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