Well-wishers are hazardous. For all its friendship and Carteresque moralizing, America consistently fans Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Not that Israel acts reasonably.
Palestinians cannot survive on sustenance agriculture and are not suited to any kind of modern economic activity. They are sustained by money from the two sources: Israel (employment, tax transfers) and America and Western Europe (UN refugee payments and direct assistance to the Palestinian government). Had it not been for Israel and America, the Palestinian problem would long have gone, along with the Palestinians. They would die out, breed less, or emigrate. Israel would have to deal with paltry network of Arab villages rather than the bulging state burning with hatred.
Palestinian refugee camps are the unique formations. In no other country are the refugees almost forcibly kept for three generations in the camps, unemployed, on the UN welfare, allowed great leisure to develop hatred and tactical capabilities.
The way to stop the war with Palestinians is simple: stop financing it.