Palestinian Arabs achieved the 1947 UN partition through revolt. Together with Jewish fighters, they expelled the British. Israel talks to the Palestinians and accedes to their demands of statehood only because of the Arab terrorists.

The 1947 partition was generous to the Palestinian Arabs: they lost to Jews only a tiny strip near the Golan Heights, and a beach strip less than five miles wide in some areas. The Russians supported establishing Israel for a reason: they expected that the Jews would be annihilated there almost immediately by Arab invaders. When that plan failed, the Russians started deporting their Jews to Siberia for planned starvation. The UN partition was murderous to Jews: we received a relatively large chunk of uninhabitable desert (the Middle East’s Siberia) but otherwise a decidedly indefensible statelet broken into three chunks.

Superficially, the Palestinian state also came in three chunks, but each of them bordered a friendly Arab state (Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, respectively). The world might not care about Palestinian Arabs, but the 1947 partition map proves beyond dispute that the nations intended to finish the Germans’ work. The proposed Jewish state—a patchwork of three indefensible areas—included a 40 percent Arab population, leaving no hope of Jewish statehood. Add the US embargo on arms sales, the British aid to Arabs, and the Russian sales of outdated firearms specifically to keep the war going and dissuade the Jews from capitulating. The UN intended the State of Israel to become the final Auschwitz.

The Arabs, rather rationally, always viewed the Christian-dominated UN as an instrument rather than an arbiter. Arabs universally rejected the 1947 UN resolution on partition, and the Arab High Committee explicitly rejected the UN’s authority in that regard. The Arabs were correct: it is unreasonable for an international body to go on partitioning countries at whim, and the Arabs viewed Palestine as their country. Since then, Arabs pick and choose from UN resolutions to their liking.

An important reason why Jews prevailed in 1948 was that the Jewish population was young and zealous, capable of overwhelming a neighboring Arab population twice as large. The very opposite situation exists now: an influx of Russian Jews and Jewish retirees from the West has made the Jewish population on the average older than the Arab one. Jews are now anchored to their towns the way Arabs were rooted in their villages sixty years ago. Decades of liberal propaganda took Jewish zeal away, while the same term of radical propaganda made the Arabs eager for a showdown.