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Palestinians, use your own brains

Posted By Obadiah Shoher On August 10, 2009 @ 9:38 am In Jewish isolation | 7 Comments

Current border and immigration restrictions are historically unusual. Throughout the ages, people were almost free to move and settle in other states. Such freedom of movement contributed significantly to economic efficiency and the spread of wealth and technologies. In the late nineteenth century, nationalist regimes started introducing visas. Visas are important for new nationalist entities. Before nationalism, it was assumed that foreign immigrants would defend the country as aggressively as the locals because the immigrants’ property is equally threatened in war. Nationalist wars became increasingly a matter of national honor rather than property. Thus WWI, or even the Napoleonic wars, weren’t about robbery. Foreigners, accordingly, had no interest in defending their new states of residence. Why would a German who lived in Russia in 1914 fight in the Russian army against Germany? Foreign residents, accordingly, came to be viewed with suspicion, as unpatriotic elements and possibly the fifth column. Visas were introduced to restrict the influx of foreign immigrants.

In rapid succession, the West has experienced several economic revolutions: industrial, agricultural, technological, and informational. While the profitable knowledge is concentrated in several advanced countries, they have a deep economic interest in excluding newcomers. Globalization and inexpensive transportation made the problem acute. In the absence of immigration restrictions, billions of people from the poorest countries would stream into America. Naturally, Americans resist giving to others free the infrastructure which they and their ancestors created with their brains, heads, and taxes.

In Israel’s terms, Palestinians within and without Israel have no right to the fruits of Jewish thought and labor.

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