Jewish lamentations over Palestinian statehood usually center around security issues. As with most things, dishonesty is counterproductive. No sane Westerner can be convinced that a bunch of bearded Islamists and other Palestinian terrorists present an existential threat to a country with the world’s fourth-strongest army. Jewish claims that Palestine would become a base for Iran are similarly off the mark: Gaza and Lebanon are Iranian bases, and Israel coexists with them. IDF has no operational freedom in Gaza, but was able to pound Hamas into a ceasefire; this model is applicable to the West Bank.

Israel asks rhetorically why Palestine needs tanks and aircraft. Why does any country need them, including those not threatened or unable to defend themselves, such as Switzerland? In the mad world of nation-states and conscript armies, tanks are a part of national masculine pride, on par with flags. Israel has no right to demand that her neighbor be demilitarized. Indeed, it is not up to Israel to refuse statehood to the Palestinians, who have a de facto state which can become de jure any moment, regardless of Israel’s position.

Bereft of Judaism and moral tradition, Jewish leaders cannot bring themselves to say simple words: this land won’t be given up to the Palestinians because it is ours by divine decree and by virtue of us having taken it with us into Exile and having kept it in our hearts.

Besides the fake security issue, Palestinian statehood brings up a real problem—the economic one. Palestine will leech off Israel. Israeli Arabs will register their cars in Palestine to skip the high customs duties. Given the high customs duties in Israel and the long, porous border with the West Bank, Palestine will become a smuggling base. While Iranians finance Palestinian terrorists, Zionist consumers will finance Arab crime syndicates engaged in the smuggling of hard goods, drugs, and women. Palestinian migrant workers will descend on Israel in even higher numbers than Mexicans descend on the United States because Palestine, a society addicted to aid, just cannot develop an economy of its own. Palestinian residents will swarm Israel by marrying her Arabs, and the High Court will not long be able to uphold the government’s implicit ban on Arab family reunions in Israel. The Jewish state will be pushed to economically support Palestinians through free-trade agreements, which will inundate Israeli markets with tax-free Palestinian produce. In the absence of army control, the Palestinians will steal water and electricity transiting to their territory. Palestine will receive half the Dead Sea. Since Jordan had already taken its part, Israel will be left with one quarter to one sixth of the sea. Palestinians will engage in predatory pumping of minerals from the sea. They will also have access to Lake Kineret, and they will overpump it. Given the way they pollute the West Bank riverlets, there is no doubt that very soon Israel’s only significant aquifer will become undrinkable. That’s in addition to abandoning Israel’s only developed commercial gas field to Hamas in Gaza. Lacking ecological standards, the Palestinians will pollute the air with industrial smog miles from Israeli cities, and enough dishonest Jewish entrepreneurs will move their factories to Palestine to avoid Israeli pollution controls. Israel already has huge problems with illegal radio broadcasts in Palestine, which endanger air traffic. In the absence of IDF crackdowns, the spectrum will be made unusable. Non-vaccinated Palestinian cattle add yet another hazard.

Jewish and Palestinian coexistence in this land is economically impossible, and the Arabs must be evicted.