Terrorist on the run accepted that Israel exists. Now Olmert could go kiss Meshaal. Rational Westerners don’t read between the lines; artful Arabs do.

Meshaal calls Israel “a fact.” Not every fact is acceptable. Saddam was also a fact; the key word, was. Meshaal will collaborate with Fatah and treacherous Israeli government to make Israel an ex-fact.

Meshaal demanded that Israel repatriates up to six million descendants of the 1948 Palestinian refugees. The Israeli entity Meshaal has in mind is a place with Arab majority called Israel to soothe the West.

Meshaal probably laughed out his uncomprehending interlocutor when said that the problem is not in existence of Israel, but in the non-existence of Palestine. For him, Palestine encompasses the territory of Israel and as long as Israel exists, Palestine doesn’t. Meshaal specifically wants a viable Palestinian state, not a stump carved from Israel. Viable Palestine includes Jerusalem, recognized as the capital of Palestine by the Arab League’s summit in Fez. Unable to revoke that – critical for Hamas’ credibility – sanction, Israel bugs Hamas about its charter.

Meshaal remains firmly committed to his cause and voters, refusing even a token gesture of changing the Hamas charter which calls for destruction of Israel. Jewish government, fond of empty declarations, makes a fuss about the charter, as if repealing it precludes Hamas from fighting Israel, or as if that gang could actually wipe out Israel.

Arab enemies cannot take Israel off the map, but her own government works to that end. If only we the Jews had a leader like Meshaal!